This planner is designed to help you get what you want in life, love and work. You have the power to set the stage for your own success and it all begins here.

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The great part is that you can start anytime. No pressure to wait until the new year to take control of your life, or to start mid year and have a half empty planner that you didn’t get to use.

Once you decide to start, you have 90 DAYS worth of space in each section to plan and track your success. The key to getting ahead is getting started. The key to success is never giving up.

Believe in yourself. If you’re reading and writing in this planner, it’s because deep down, you have a burning desire to start living a life you only once dreamed of. It’s time to get unstuck and start focusing on living a life you love.

Get on the proven path for success in life, love, and work.

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A guide to help career women and female entrepreneurs set the stage for your success.

What You Get...

I'm ready to prosper!

We start with Our F.A.S.T.E.R Goals Formula to set and define your goals while ENSURing YOUR PASSIONS, AND PURPOSE REMAIN IN ALIGNMENT 


We help you establish and track your wellness and spiritual goals on a daily and weekly basis




There's space dedicated to relationship goals and career tools, including a guide to starting a business

We give you a monthly finance tracker as well as the tools you need to create and meet your financial goals

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Here's a closer look at what's inside this life changing, 90-day planner...                     

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Over 100 fillable pages of planning, goal setting, and tools!

Financial planning tools, including analysis tools, help with setting and attaining debt reduction goals, and monthly financial planning guides

Relationship and Interpersonal tools for setting and tracking goals that are often the most important and impactful, yet can be the easiest to ignore

Career Planning tools, including a job search checklist, dream job tracker, and a 'be your own boss' entrepreneurial guide to starting your own business

Spirituality, including Daily and weekly space for journaling and meditating

Wellness tools, including the daily goal setting, tracking and planning space you need to build and maintain healthy habits

TO-DO Lists dedicated to weekly planning for prosperity, with space for daily lists, wins, motivation, and gratitude

Plus, annual reflection and planning guides to help you review your success and continue planning for the future

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I help motivated career women and entrepreneurs across the country put their long lost dreams back on the table.
My mission is to provide YOU with a roadmap to make it happen and start living a LIFE you LOVE. Period.

You can start planning and tracking your successes today, by downloading THE PROSPERITY EFFECT PLANNER

I’m Kelly, Recruiting Expert, Success Strategist & Motivational Speaker.

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