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Kelly is a keynote speaker and founder of kellySUITE, a business created to mentor and motivate career women and fellow entrepreneurs to get what they want in life, love and work. kellySUITE offers various solutions for success including motivational speaking, mentorship, corporate workshops, weekly newsletters with goal setting tips and more.

Kelly believes that working women have the power to achieve success in all areas of life. She inspires and captivates her audience to set and reach their goals so that they can flourish and experience true prosperity. Kelly helps women prosper by striking a balance in their love life, career, lifestyle, finances, and close relationships.

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Kelly’s humble beginnings wreaked havoc on her self worth, personal relationships, and financial health. At age nineteen, she decided she would stop at nothing to get everything she wanted and needed in life. She was determined to set the stage for her own success and started designing her own path. She knew if she wanted change, she had to go after her dreams without giving up or looking back.  

That’s exactly what she did. She moved out, earned a BA, and worked her way up to a six figure, corporate career by age thirty. Her career was a success according to the world’s standards.
Hiding behind the success was a girl turned adult who didn’t know how to set boundaries. She went from one hurtful relationship to another, allowed friends & colleagues to take advantage of her and the more she gave of herself, the more void of love and happiness she felt. 

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She started paying attention to the voice inside that was telling her enough is enough. She had to get back to the girl she was at nineteen that led her to a successful career and execute and repeat the process of going after what she wanted and not settling for anything less, but this time, across the board.

Kelly set boundaries, established a daily gratitude routine, and stopped compromising her values and the blessings started to flow. Today, she is happily married to her best friend, is self employed, financially fit, and lives life on her terms.  

She leverages two decades of recruiting, corporate leadership experience and her lifelong personal journey to mentor other women. Kelly believes it’s important to motivate other women to stop putting their dreams on the back burner. By opening up, sharing her story, and giving women the tools they need to accomplish their goals, Kelly is able to help other women be successful in every area of their life.  

Kelly defied all odds and believes all women have the power to do the same!

“My clients success stories are my greatest reward.”

- Kelly Francis

Kelly can inspire your audience to defy the odds and set the stage for their own success?

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